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Our athletes, ranging from all walks of life and all experience levels, can testify to the effectiveness of our training programs.   The simple fact that makes 4th Dimension stand out from the rest of the coaching programs is that we get just as excited about a client that achieves a PR at the back of the pack as one that wins a medal or trophy at the front.  Success is measured by the athlete!

I wholeheartedly credit Will Jones and 4D racing for helping me stamp my ticket to Kona. I've worked my tail off for 8 years to try and get to race the big island. Year after year, I'd come up just short of achieving my dream. Will had the expertise to guide me on where I needed to improve to become faster as an athlete, the patience to answer my endless questions, and the courage to get me out of my training comfort zone that I think we all develop the longer we are in this sport. What I think makes Will excel as a coach is his investment into all of the athletes he coaches. He wants feedback from training sessions, he is willing to dissect the data from your last race to see where he needs to tailor training for you to improve. You racing well is a direct reflection of his efforts in guiding and training you. It's a big responsibility and he treats it as such. If you are willing to make the sacrifices to chase your dreams, Will is an excellent mentor and guide to show you the way.

John Fell

I started working with 4D in 2008 and have continued to race faster and faster. The science and the structure of the workouts keeps me moving up the finishers list. My 2010 season is off to a great start with 2 overall wins and course records at Holy Toledo Triathlon and Heatwave Triathlon and 13th overall at Ironman Couer D'alene, I'm looking forward to racing the Ironman World Championship in Kona later this season.

Sean Schnur

I started with 4th Dimension Fitness after completing my first half ironman race. I had followed an online half iron plan and had a disappointing race. I felt that I had completed the training per the plan and I did not have unrealistic goals for the race. I talked to Will after the race and he gave me several pointers to try as I moved forward. Since he was so open when I wasn't a client, I felt that 4D was worth the cost/risk being that I had another half iron race later that year. I started training with 4D in May and had my second half iron race in September. I went over 35 minutes faster on what seemed like less training than I was putting in before. All my sessions with 4D were more targeted and had a purpose. I was not going out and riding/running at a guessed perceived effort, it was a tested and exact exertion level. While I felt like I was training less, the efforts were easier on my easy sessions and more intense on my hard sessions.

I just completed my first race of the year and am building towards my first Ironman in June. My race was a short Duathlon and I went faster than I have ever done in this race and I am not even training for short events.

Will is always available to answer my questions and what I respect the most from him is that he cares enough about his clients that if he doesn't know the answer, he seeks it out from his contacts in the industry. I have already achieved some goals I had set and I am looking forward to my future races because I know that whether I am successful or not, my preparation will be solid.

Scott Morgan

Last year at this time I was contemplating giving up on iron distance racing. After three years of beating my head against the wall trying to figure out the right formula for iron distance success, I was at the end of my rope.  IMAZ 2008 was the straw that almost broke the camels back after a much unexpected horrible day (13+ hours).  I contacted Will at 4th Dimension Fitness.  I must have fired 5,000 questions at Will within the first 5 minutes of the first interview.  He answered all of them and got me set up for some lactate test.  The science behind the lactate testing coupled with Will's experience and ability to interpret the results in the form of methodically placed workouts, and his ability communicate with athletes; proved to be my best weapon on race day - better than any $3,000.00 aero wheel set or skinsuit.  I showed up on the beaches of Panama City Florida a more confident, fit; and most importantly, a fresher and smartly trained triathlete.  The result, 10:36:58 - shattering my previous PR by 2 hours.

Neil Rome

Will and 4th Dimension Fitness brought much needed structure and guidance to my training. His mentoring has allowed me to achieve numerous PRs and a 2nd place age group finish at the Athens Triathlon in 2009. Utilizing his services has allowed me to achieve a level of fitness that I never thought would be possible. Will had me well prepared, mentally and physically as I finished my first Ironman in Coeur d'Alene in 2010.  I will continue to work with Will because I like his goal oriented training philosophy and style.

Chad Soileau (Team 464)

After racing Triathlons for 15 years I hooked up with Will Jones of 4th Dimension Fitness and after 2 years under his guidance and set program my times have been the best I've seen. Will has me on a schedule where there are no wasted workouts, and with family and work everything comes together. He takes the thought process out of the picture. By race day there are no doubts, show up and race.

Mark Miller

I started working with Will at 4th Dimension Fitness in July '10 in preparation for my 1st Ironman, IMFL. At that time I was not running and out of shape as a nagging lower back problem was limiting my training. Will took this into consideration and designed a detailed program that strengthened my core and allevaited all the back problems I had the prior year. All the while I watched my swim, bike and run splits steadily improve. With Wills program I showed up to the shores of Panama City a much stronger, fitter, faster athlete than I was just 4 months prior. I was feeling rested and confident in my ability to not only finish and Ironman but finish in a solid time. I was more than pleased with my performance at IMFL so I continued to work with Will. To this date I have set PR's in every distance I have raced using a 4D program. Weather it be a sprint, olympic and half Ironman I continue to improve and I see my power #'s on the bike go through the roof. Today I feel unstoppable and I am going to crush dreams at IMAZ. If you are signed up, watch out or I will hurt your feelings!!!!

Sean McArdle

With the help of 4D Fitness, I went from a overweight college student to Ironman Finisher in three years. Will's understanding of the importance of hard work AND recovery is a huge reason for my quick progression. Any coach can write workouts, but Will carefully considers many variables to ensure that every workout has a purpose. His use of lactate threshold testing is the cornerstone of his training philosophy, and he uses this knowledge to craft a training program full of quality workouts

Sam LeBlanc - aka HoodRat

After staring to work with Will in 2010 I’ve improved drastically not only in Triathlon, but also in my individual high school athletics.  Will was able to work with me to optimize my training while balancing high school swimming and cross-country. The improvements I’ve made while working with Will have led to several personal bests in my high school athletics and also several triathlon wins along with a top ten finish at the Avia Austin Triathlon and a great race at Junior Nationals in 2011. The testing and individual attention I’ve received while working with Will along with the personalized workouts tailored to my individual needs have led to great performances across the board and I look forward to big things in the future.

Brian Primeaux

I initially contacted 4th Dimension Fitness to design a training program to prepare me for my first 70.3 in New Orleans in 2011. Within 6 months of working with Will Jones, I saw significantly faster times by taking 24 minutes off my sprint triathlon, setting 2 half marathon PRs, and running my marathon PR in hilly San Francisco. I know these achievements would not have been possible without Will. Thanks to his knowledge, well-structured workouts, support and motivation, I've entered and completed each race feeling well prepared and confident. I've been very fortunate to train under Will. He has been an invaluable resource to me and with his guidance, has given me the ability to exceed my personal and fitness goals. I've been thrilled with my performance since working with 4th Dimension Fitness and look forward to my continued improvement in speed and strength!

Kelly Poche

I started working with 4D in July of this year after completing my first 70.3 race in New Orleans. I thought I was well trained for the race but it was evident during the race that I may have put a lot of time into training but it was not focused in the right areas. I struggled during the run portion of the race and knew I was not adequately prepared.

I knew if I wanted to improve in triathlon, I needed guidance from someone who could organize a focused training schedule and customize it to my busy schedule. Will tailored a training program which helped me to improve my 70.3 time by 25 minutes at my following race at Austin 70.3. I felt unbelievably fresh off the bike and had a great race.

Overall, I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life and look forward to racing in 2011.  I would highly recommend 4D to anyone who is interested in making improvements in their triathlon results or need help in achieving their fitness goals.

Thanks Will!
John Theriot

I signed up for a half Ironman with the simple goal of finishing without hurting myself or neglecting my family in the process. I'd raced a handful of sprint triathlons, but had no clue as to how to prepare for a bigger race. Searching for information on the internet left me feeling overwhelmed and confused. I needed help developing a plan.

I chose 4D because of Will's use of scientific principles and research in his approach to coaching. My training zones were developed with great accuracy and each workout had a specific purpose. I began to see immediate improvements in my performance. After only six weeks , I shaved over six minutes off my Half Marathon PR. Within four months, I confidently took on my first 70.3, finishing 30 minutes below my goal time. Will has helped me to exceed each of the goals I set for this season and is now helping me set even bigger goals for next year.

Faster race times are not the only significant outcomes I have experienced with Will. His use of periodization keeps my mind and body from getting burned out. I have remained injury free; a true testament to his ability to balance training intensity with recovery. Most importantly, I've been able to keep family my first priority. Will provided me with an efficient and focused, yet flexible, training plan that allowed me to respond to the demands of work and home. He has taken the guess work out of training, giving me more time and energy for the ones waiting for me at the finish line.

Ann Sagrera

Time is a valuable commodity. As a husband, a father of four of children, and a partner in a major law firm; I need to make my training time count. Will designed a flexible program around my schedule that helped me meet my fitness goals. In one year on Will's plan, I was able to shave 38 minutes on my 70.3 time. If you are interested in the sport of Triathlon or simply want to get in better shape to enjoy life to the fullest, I encourage you to contact 4th Dimension Fitness. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make for yourself!

Burton Leblanc

Thanks to Will Jones and 4th Dimension Fitness I had my best year of racing, with a PR at the New Orleans 70.3 and a strong finish in my 1st Ironman in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Will lays out a great plan and gives you all the tools you need to be successful, thanks for all the guidance and support!

Eric Bernard

After qualifying to go to the 2010 ITU Age Group World Championship Olympic Triathlon in Budapest, Hungary; I selected 4D Fitness to help me train. Although I have been racing triathlons over 25 years, I wanted to optimize my training program to prepare. Strategic workouts based on my fitness testing, scheduled with my busy life and goals in mind, resulted in a performance better than even I imagined. I smashed my Personal Best by over 15 minutes!

Nancy Kuhlmeier

4th Dimension Fitness's Services and Will's experience guided me to more efficient and effective training.

The results have been fantastic and with Will's guidance I look forward to an even better year in 2011.

Susan Hunter

4th Dimension put together a comprehensive training program that allowed me to fully recover from knee surgery and race the Big Sur Marathon. 4D did a great job helping me reach my goal and keeping me on track throughout the recovery process, I am stronger and healthier than ever.

Richard Robichaux M.D.

Will Jones and 4th Dimension Fitness trained me to go above and beyond my expectations with my first Ironman finish at Ironman Coeur d'Alene.   I had a great race and will continue to use the services of 4th Dimension Fitness in the future.

Bryan Pape

I was a bit skeptical at first, but Will showed me the first hand benefits of utilizing lactate testing.  He developed a customized plan using lactate testing for the run and bike and I found this to be very useful in taking the guess work out of what training zones to be in for each workout.  So, if you are looking for a coach to customize a training plan using the most up to date training philosophies, Will Jones is the coach for you.  I found Will to be very easy to work with and easy to get in touch with and ask questions. 
Charles Jantzi (6 time Ironman)

The reason I chose Fourth Dimension Fitness for my coaching program was Will's approach to training his clients is based on a proven method he learned from some of the most successful athletic coaches in the country. Will uses state of the art methods to test and determine an athlete's specific physiological information. He then combines that with personal history and future goals to come up with a complete custom program. Will has helped me to identify key areas of improvement from nutrition to daily training to race specific habits. I have had clear and distinguishable results all along the way as Will and I have worked together. I've lost weight healthily, I have improved my race times significantly, and I've learned how to diagnose many of my own issues based on Will's methods. I certainly believe in his approach and would recommend Will and his methods to anyone from the beginner to an elite athlete. He'll create a program that is made for you and if followed will yield you phenomenal results.

Cullen Talley (4 time Ironman)

I started competing in triathlons only a few years ago at age 45. Thinking back to where I began and where I am now under the direction and coaching of Will and 4th Dimension, seems like a lifetime ago. Early on I used other programs but they just did not provide me with the level of development based on my unique needs and ultimately my goals were not met. As a father of 2 and often times traveling for work I have to have a training program that is flexible, efficient and crafted to fit my specific needs and goals. Will builds and delivers workable plans that fit into my life while still challenging me to become a better athlete. The bottom line is I continue to enjoy this sport, it fits into my busy life and my race results continue to improve. I can say without reservation that one of the key reasons for that has been 4th Dimension Fitness.
Byron Braun

Like many women, the roles I play (wife, mom, daughter, sister, business owner) require lots of time and energy. Will's expertise allows me to fit "triathlete" into that mix, which makes me happier, healthier, and better at all the above. Not being a lifelong athlete, I have questions and sometimes need encouragement, and Will's availability as a coach is invaluable.

Shelley Breaud

I have been with 4d for over a year. My performance has improved in a scientifically measured way. I race smarter and more importantly faster in every distance, from sprint to long course. 4D is the real deal.

Pat "Rocket Boy" Fellows

I started road racing in 2005 and have experienced several different stages of fitness through the years. Will Jones has been an integral part of my success on the bike, his knowledge of current training methods helped me develop successful a training program for road racing. Last year it was my goal to upgrade form a cat 4 to cat 3.  My first step was consulting with Will. He successfully measured and interpreted my lactate threshold. This data allowed me to optimize my training and made competing in races easier and less stressful. There is no doubt that Will and 4th Dimension Fitness helped me to a 1st place finish at the Gary Glickman Memorial Crit in Dallas and several other podium finishes in the 2008 season. I look forward to using Will's testing procedures for another great 2009 racing season.

Joe Long (Cat 3 Road Racer)

Let me first say, if you're on the fence in terms of using Will to train you... just go for it, you won't regret it. I first approached Will in 2010 with a goal to finish my first Ironman (Florida) in 11 hours and 30 minutes; he did some research and testing and came back with a confident thumbs up. I did the work he detailed in my plan, he answered my questions promptly, he helped me through a minor injury and in the end, he sprinted alongside me, to a finishing time of 11 hours and 18 minutes.

Thanks Will!
Robert House

I signed up with 4th Dimension Fitness at the beginning of 2011. Having no significant sports background and being very new to triathlon, I was seeking a coach who would work with me to improve my fitness and performance while also ensuring that I didn't do anything that could result in serious injury. Additionally, being a husband, father and business owner, I needed a coach who would develop a customized training plan, be flexible when my schedule changes and make every training session count. I'm happy to say that Will has definitely risen to the challenge for me.

The biometric testing that Will performs ensures that the training program is appropriate for the athlete and helps him determine when/how to make adjustments to your program. This takes all the guesswork and uncertainty out of training. As the athlete, all you have to do is be prepared to work hard, follow the program, and provide feedback.

Without question, my performance at every race distance has steadily improved since joining 4D. I would have never imagined that I'd be capable of doing the things I'm doing today. The best part is, I know I have not reached a performance ceiling yet. With the help of 4D, I'm confident that most of my performance goals will be achieved.

Thanks Will!
Marcus Dudiot


Will Jones truly knows how to train your body to the 4th dimension. He tailored an intense fitness plan to help me reach my goals and exceed them. He is a personable and motivational trainer, and includes new exercises to ensure my routine is always challenging my body. Will Jones is a fitness and nutrition master and comes with very high accolates from me.

Lacey Minchew
Professional Model

Extreme conditions require being fully prepared for the task at hand.   We all need help.  Psalm 33:21  Thanks William!

Brian D. Campbell